Hello there friends! Welcome to my new slice of internet influence and work! Its been a lot of trial and error with this website business thing.  I've made the switch to Squarespace and with that switch came a new(wish) name... new because its different from Kindred Hearts Photography but "ish" because its my actual name!  I love Kindred Hearts but I'm ready to branch my photography and work out to other things and need a name that will evolve and adapt to what the future may hold.  This gets me all excited and ready for 2017 and beyond! 

Building a website could be just that but I wanted it to line up with building my brand too.   There is so much to think about and decide in the process!  I'm building more than just a website but a piece of me!  A first peek for clients at who I am.  I really want to make sure that you get a good glimpse of who I am as a photographer and a woman before we get the ball rolling.  I put high value on this because your investment will be great and we will be spending a lot of time together on the most life changing day of your life.  This is a very important decision and I value your choice!  

This website serves two purposes:

1.  To share my photography and the stories of families and couples I have captured through out the years.  Doing my best to share their stories and yours.

2.  It also creates a space where I can share my military spouse adventures and resources with other creatives!

The Blog:

A key feature to this website is that I'll be blogging more.  You know how you feel when you finally have a clean house?  You feel inspired to a) keep it clean and b) get stuff done!  Thats how this space makes me feel.  I love the clean and minimalism of it. And that makes it easier for you to navigate around it too.  I'll not only be posting photography related blurbs but personal ones too.  I'm really looking forward to cranking out posts about the things I value and care about greatly, like marriage, our journey with infertility and cooking healthily!  

This little collage below is are the images and colors that have inspired me to create this space! Now if only I could use this method on decorating my house!  Cheers to 2017 friends!