Sometimes I cannot believe I get to do what I do.  I am invited into places where people experience the most extreme of emotions.  The happiest of moments are only made from the saddest of moments.  Long days and night of single parenting for way too many days, cold pillows on the other side of the bed, and some nights eating cereal because you don't want to make another dinner for one.  When your spouse, dad or mom steps off the plane and walks towards you for the first time in a 3 months, 6 months, a year, or longer there is nothing better.  There is no more screen and thousands of miles separating you.  You lock eyes with your other half and try not to cry or scream or jump too high (because we all know you wore those heels and look damn good!).  Your babies run towards their parent with an elation like you've never seen on their face before!!  One that can only come when a family is whole and complete again.  In your world all is right.  I get to capture all that!  

military homecomings are a beautiful reminder that everything is temporary.

Military Homecomings are some of my favorite moments to photograph.  From the excitement of the schedule always changing with flight delays to meeting other military families who experience the same feeling I do when my husband deploys.  An immediate bond happens when we share experiences.   Loss, Heartbreak, Deployments... They all initiate us into a club that you may not necessarily want to be a part of but you have no choice.  If you are also married to a service member or a child of one you are part of a community that supports one another in the trenches of the Homefront.  Whether you are in those trenches now or you have been far removed from it by many years the memories and emotions felt during those long absences and chasms in your family are triumphed by the reunion! Enjoy these photos of the greatest feeling in the world... peace and joy! There is nothing better.  

Know a friend or family member who would like this special moment captured?  Please send me a message at hello@melissabatzer.com it would be an honor to photograph their reunion!

Military Homecoming Couple
military homecoming
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