I've been having some issues with my other website so I'm sharing this very special session from late 2016 again! 

My session with the Loniewsky family had me running quickly back to my computer to upload and preview these beauties.  I’m pretty sure I actually had to go over the river and through the woods and up a steep and snowy mountain to get to their home tucked away in the hills of Spokane.  We actually had to reschedule their in home session because of rain in late November.  I am so glad we did reschedule because we had snow on the ground this time!

I pulled into the driveway to the house all decorated and ready for Christmas and Rob was in the garage.  And what was in the garage but a deer that was definitely not alive.  They are a big live off the land family… On their property at the end of the mountain road is a garden, bee hives and so much land away from everyone that Rob started a fire outside! Good thing he did because it was 10 degrees outside.  Of course no fire is complete without a couple mallows to roast!

I   A R R I V E D   T O   T H E   S E S S I O N    K N O W I N G   I T   W A S   G O I N G   T O   B E   G R E A T ! !

This family is so much fun and Amy and Rob are the dream team with parenting… I met Amy, before Adam was born and when Ava was in diapers nearly three years ago, through Bible Study.  She’s pretty much a rock star mom dealing with deployments and TDYs (Shortish trips in-between deployments).  If you have seen my Instastories recently you may notice I wear a certain red lipstick, that certain red lipstick is from Mary Kay and she is my official dealer.  I wear it everywhere!  Thanks girl!!!!

Prior to the session I came to their home once, which usually is not the case for home session.  I was able to get a good tour of their home and swoon over the full walls of HUGE windows and amazing natural light.  This was my first indoor/outdoor session and it was a dream come true.  I want so badly to shoot more family sessions like this!  Not only did they hire me as their photographer, they offered me some deer!   I originally said I’d take just some ground venison but Rob said NO!   And he went to the garage and cut me off the freshest filet I have ever eaten.  He prepared it up perfectly for me and taught me how to rid it of the gamey taste.  I have to add that my husband got thrown on a last minute TDY and wasn’t able to enjoy it with me.  But it sure was delicious!

I ended up taking so many photos and and fell in love with all of them!  The kids were so great through out the entire session.  The many laughters and sweet family memories roasting mallows in their backyard will be cherished and remembered for generations to come.  Thats why I love photos so much! They are a snapshot of your family together in a time past, maybe long forgotten in your memory but not on the walls of your home.  So without further ado, please enjoy these images of the absolutely adorable and fun Loniewsky family.  Thank you for spending part of your holiday weekend with me and I cannot wait to work with you all in the future either again or for the first time!

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