*This is NOT a sponsored post.  These are my own opinions about ethical and fair-trade shopping.  I'm just sharing Noonday Collection with you because I love it! 

Welcome to the first installation of my SLOW HOME series... What is a slow home?  It's not a term I have coined and it's not some new trend.  The idea behind a "slow home" is creating a simple home.  And more important than simple, it is about creating a lifestyle focused around making intentional decisions about what you purchase and what you bring into your home.  We are to be the trusted courier of the money God allows us to steward. 

Being an entrepreneur myself, I put a high value on supporting other entrepreneurs and creatives with both encouragement and paying fairly for their service.  It's important to know that all entrepreneurs live from the means they make from their products and services.  This empowers them and enables them do create a meaningful and safe life for their families.  They may even be able to employ their neighborhoods and villages!  Entrepreneurship changes lives and communities!  

Let me introduce you to Noonday Collection in case you don't know much about them yet.  I was first introduced to Noonday when I was listening to my all time favorite podcast, The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey.  Jamie was interviewing Noonday's founder, Jessica Honegger.  Noonday partners with amazing artisan entrepreneurs around the world to make a difference in some of the most vulnerable communities.  They help develop businesses through fair trade and empower them to grow sustainably to create dignified jobs for people who need really need them!  

To learn more about Noonday Collection visit their webpage here

Needless to say, their mission hit me hard and I fell in love with what they do.  I knew I needed to support them in anyway I could.  I searched high and low for a Noonday Ambassador in the area but there was none.  That is until I met Cat last summer.  Cat moved here in July and I met her while I was returning an ice cream maker to a friend.  I was so excited to find out she was a Noonday Ambassador!  That meant I could host a trunk show and share the mission of Noonday with my friends! Um, and not to mention everything made is beautiful and unique!  So in October 2016 I hosted my first trunk show.  It was perfect for purchasing Christmas presents for friends and family and thats just what I did and what my friends did! But I couldn't stop there so today I hosted my second trunk show! 

I love sharing ethical businesses with my friends.  And not only an ethical fashion business but a business that truly empowers people to change the world.  From the artisans to the consumer, the world is being changed one person at a time.  And that's all we really need to do.  We don't need to get overwhelmed by the idea of the world being so big that you can't possibly affect it positively.  We just need to look at whats right in front of us and start there.  Start small.  But just start.  

Interested in purchasing some Noonday?  My trunk show is open until March 8th so hope on over here to visit the site and make a meaningful and empowering purchase!

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