If you don't know this little huge fact about my family you are about to learn it.  We are a military family.   Life doesn't look quite like Army Wives for us but pretty close!  My husband is in the Air Force and we had to leave our east coast world to serve our country.  When we left our world east of the Mississippi we we left family and friends who were embarking on their own journeys that I so desperately wanted to still be involved in.  To be honest, as much as I am grateful that we get to serve our country and experience different places I miss being deeply rooted somewhere.  Our lives change every couple years and we get to make new friends and style new houses.  

Don't hear me wrong, this is an adventure with my husband that I wouldn't trade for the world! I love him, I love this life and this country.  It's worth the sacrifice.  And those who have a relationship with us sacrifice that too.  My parents sacrifice, my siblings sacrifice and my friends sacrifice nearness to us.  

But then God does something amazing and the military becomes really small!

My husband and Jeremy were roommates in college.  But they even knew each other well before then!  They actually met when they were both living in Germany.  Attending middle school and hockey practice together they quickly became great friends.   Jeremy is also in the Air Force and when it got time to move from his last base they ended up here.  Oh and they live around the block from us so it feels like college again! 

Jeremy and Lauren dated most of college and got married right after Jeremy graduated.  She is a physical therapist, loving what she does and her patients with all her heart.  Lauren is also an instagram famous runner and love to inspire her followers to push themselves and achieve their dreams!  You can check out her page here!  We love these people and needless-to-say we are more than ecstatic that they are up here exploring the PNW with us.  

This session was the first time the sun was out in what seemed like weeks! I miss shooting in the sun... anyone else have grey day photo problems!?!?!  Give me all that golden sun glow. Spring get here asap please! 

urban couples photography
Couple poses
winter photos