Happy Valentine's Day friends!! In honor of this day of celebrating your love I'm sharing my favorite images of couples from 2016!  Whether you have a boo, a bae or nothing at all there is always room to grow in your relationships you have and do them well!  Did you know there are four different Greek words for our one English word of LOVE? 

Agápē -the love that God has towards man and the love than man has towards God

Érōs -a passionate sexy kind of love

Philía -a brotherly or sisterly love, a friendship

Storgē - a parent's love for their child

There are so many ways to love friends!  I wish we had different words for the love we wish to express in English.  But no matter what for of love you are experience today it is reason to celebrate! Love doesn't just have to be confined to a romantic relationship but for the sake of sounding super cheesy, it is all around you all the time!  So go love on someone tonight... ie. text your mama or papa!  And before or after you do that check out me TOP TEN couples images from 2016 below! Maybe you'll make the cut in my 2017 edition. ;) 

There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.

1. Back in November I had the opportunity to be a second photographer for Amber Tyler Photographer.  I was so excited because I was able to go off and get some different perspective images.  This of the bridal bouquets was one of my favorite detail shots I got.  If you want to see my entire collection from this wedding click here! Or visit Amber's site here!

fall wedding bouquet

2. The summer in the Inland Northwest is what I imagine heaven's weather is like.  Long days, dry, a perfect 85 degrees during the day and cool enough to need a sweatshirt at night with no bugs! So this summer I grabbed a couple of friends for some bridal sessions! I love the sun peaking through the trees and the elegance of her draping dress. 

wedding dress

3.  John and Tyler got engaged the day after Christmas.  Taylor's mom asked me to come to their home for a family session and asked if I would be able to capture some engagement photos! Well these snowy photos came out so beautifully and if you want to see more visit the post this post! But here is my absolute favorite from their session!

spokane wedding engagement photography

4. This photo of the beautiful bride and groom in the wheat field might my absolute favorite of all time! Not just because its beautiful but because these hot people are my neighbors!! The wheat fields up here are plenty and I knew I wanted to photograph a couple in them.  We drove just a few minutes northwest of our home and miles of wheat was all you could see! I may be posting this bride & groom session from last year up on my blog again soon!

Washington wedding photographer

5.  This couple will always hold a special place in my heart and business!  They will be my first solo wedding couple! I love this photo and this session because I they are truly in love and so excited to start their life together as one unit! Cheers to the Petersons! 

spokane wedding photographer

6. If you haven't noticed already that I love candid, real life photos then this image will lead you more in that direction! My friends Ashley and Tyler are the sweetest couple and really know how to have a good time with each other.  You can tell that their love for the Lord radiates through their relationship not just with each other but with everyone they interact with.  

Engagement photography

7. Ahhh,  Liz & Paul's Luxury Couples Session was a dream! As soon as she mentioned she had a long pink dress picked out to wear I was even more eager to get this session going!  I love everything about this image.  Their pose, the depth of the background, the golden hour!  All of it was perfect!! 

engagement pose

8. Isn't Spokane just beautiful?? Not to mention this couple couple is straight out of GQ!  The sweet demeanor and the adventurousness of this couple had us in Bowl and Pitcher Park.  I have to let you know that I did nothing to the saturation of water in this photo... isn't that amazing!?!

summer engagement session washington photographer

9.  This is one of my favorite homecoming photos ever! The look on her face is what ever longing spouse has when her man comes home from war.  It is joy, relief and peace all in one. 

military homecoming

10.  This pose is my favorite! Its such a simple pose but it says so much.  It speaks love, protection and nearness.  The giant glass garage door behind them reflecting the snow and light is eye candy too! 

engagement couple pose