25 Books in 2017

The allure of paper has always had a hold on me.  From the time I could hold a crayon I always wanted to drawer and then once I learned to read, I always had a book in my hand.  I remember being in high school and always having a book on me to read when the work was done or read it during lunch.  I would pull it out of my bag even if there was only five minutes left in class.  I wasn't always the most social butterfly growing up.  I would frequently retreat to the library where homework was able to give me a task and books were able to take me to a place that was outside of the thick brick walls of my high school.

I missed being able to read what I wanted during college, so since graduating (nearly 7 years ago) I have gone bananas on books.  In fact I'm usually guilty of reading multiple books at once, anyone else do that? I'm trying to break the habit so I can be more productive in my reading.  There are so many books out there to read!  Knowledge to be gained, stories to inspire... how in the world do we read it all!?! I'm starting by sharing 25 books I plan on reading in 2017.  I hope to read more but these are the must reads!!

Be sure to comment below on what you plan on reading this year or a book you cannot stop recommending to people.  I would love to add more to my list!