Wedding days can be stressful.  You have spent months planning and you want everything to be perfect.  And understandably so, this day only happens once and you want to celebrate the love with your husband to-be.  Which is really what it's about, right? Remembering that is so key to a seamless wedding day.  Because let's be honest, something probably will happen that you weren't expecting or planning.  It might rain, your flowers might be delivered late, a bridesmaid dress might rip.  Remember a few lines back I said "wedding days can be stressful?"  The key word there is CAN.  Do you want it not to be?  Proper planning and a positive mindset that the world will not end will help you have the most enjoyable wedding day of any bride ever!  

Don't you want to reflect back on the day as you flip through your wedding album knowing that behind your smile is a woman bubbling over with joy and not a tight wound woman putting on a face?  Your job now is to show up, fall more madly in love with your sexy groom and have the best time at the biggest party you will ever have for you!  I have five tips to help you with a relaxing wedding day so continue reading!  If you have any other tips that you've lived through or heard of let me know in the comments below. 

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Hire the Best You Can Find (Including a Wedding Coordinator)

Get to know your vendors before you even hire them.  You will not regret this!  If they don't ask for an initial pre-contract signing meeting put on your big girl pants and ask them out on one. Meet at a Starbucks or a local water hole.  Remember that just because a vendor charges more for a service doesn't mean they are the best fit for you AND on the flip side, just because a vendor is cheaper doesn't mean they are going to be giving you the best service.  Invest time in doing your research, interviewing and making your decision.  Don't settle on just anyone.  Do not jump the gun or drop the ball on this one! 

Be Organized from the Get-Go

I remember creating very detailed timelines for events in college.  They were a pain to create at the time but paid off huge when the big event came.  I did the same for my wedding.  Organize everything.  Emails from vendors in a specific folder in gmail.  Write down which bridesmaids are arriving when and on which flights the are on.   My suggestion? Make a wedding weekend timeline and give it to all participants in the wedding so everyone knows where to be when.  Be sure to make a detailed timeline of the actual wedding day which arrival times for all your vendors and send them each a copy of it.  This will help everyone out!

Keep Your Perspective

Perfect is a unicorn.  Something might go wrong on your wedding day, I hope it doesn't but it might.  I remember on my wedding day we ordered a keg of a certain kind of seasonal beer, contract signed and paid for, but they didn't have the beer we ordered. We got another kind and moved on.  All drank it and were merry.  The show goes on girlie and people don't notice the details unless you draw attention to it.   Remember that this day is about celebrating the love you have for your spouse and walking forward into marriage together, not about the flowers being perfectly centered on the table.

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Delegate & Share Your Expectations

There are people attending your wedding who want to help it go off without a hiccup.  They want you to have the best time! These are your people.  You need to let them know what you expect them to do.  Give specific tasks to specific people and let them know what your expectations are.  If you don't have a wedding planner & their minions your friends and family will be more than happy to lend a couple of their hours during the wedding weekend.  

Fight For It!

The inevitable stress of your wedding day will surface but how you react to them is your choice.  You can either feed them or fight them.  It's totally okay to be nervous as you step into a life together.  Schedule time the morning of for a yoga session or acupuncture or an aromatherapy massage! Meditate, pray, diffuse lavender oil, stay relaxed and keep perspective.  The engagement time was happy but marriage is even better! Surround yourself with positive people who will fight with you!

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I hope these tips were helpful in planning your enjoyable wedding day and not getting bogged down with the potential stress.  I'd love to hear from you friend... leave me a love note below.