I love when families ask me to capture the moments their family is reunited after long months of separation.  This time of year everyone wants them because its no longer snowing, icy and cold.  I'm so blessed to be in a community that values family and marriages enough to ask me to photograph this amazing moment.   

It really is hard not to cry when I'm shooting and welcoming a loved one home.  Washed with relief, love, joy, and hope they have their first touch in months. Lips lock and it feels like a first kiss. 

I would be lying to you if I could honestly say "absence makes the heart grow fonder."  To be honest, I kind of want to punch who ever came up with that quote in the face.  The more deployments I go through, and my friends go through as well, my heart does not grow fonder, it grows sad and hard.  I know what to expect and I don't like it.  You don't have a choice but only to keep on keeping on.  But I will tell you that this one moment of relief in reunion just about makes up for the months of lonely nights in bed, single parenting, and watching Netflix without your best friend.  

Welcome home.

air force family
military kid
military kid
military homecoming
reunited family
military family

Is your loved one coming home soon? You would like someone to capture this moment for you?  Guess what, these sessions are on the house! Yup... my gift to you my fellow military spouse.  Whether they are coming home on commercial or on a grey tail I want to capture this reunion for you.  

Space and hours are limited.  

If you are interested please email me at hello@melissabatzer.com

Can't wait to capture this moment for you!