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I recently upgraded my work horse of a Canon Rebel T3i.  That beast is my very first DSLR camera which I received as a joint Christmas present from my parents and Brenton almost 3 years ago.  I remember being a little timid asking them to purchase a "fancy" camera for me when I had no formal training in photography.  I have every intention of using that trusty crop-sensored oldie but a goodie until she clicks her last shutter.  My second-photographer for weddings this summer (i.e. my hunk of a husband) will be using Tessa the T.  

Debt free and wanting a full-frame camera, it was time for a major upgrade.

Just last week I received my new babe... Markie Mark the third.  Yup, I did a MAJOR upgrade to the Canon 5d Mark iii.  And my goodness, what a difference between Tessa and Mark.  It is so nice to be able to stand close to my subject a get more of their body in the frame.  To not have to manipulate the space I am standing in to get the composition I had to with Tessa. I am so glad I started out with Tessa though because she taught me how to be creative with what I was given.  She waited patiently during the first years of learning the settings well and she was with me through the thick and thin of getting a business started and figuring out my style.  

But y'all, Markie Mark iii is a man! And I needed to take him out for a spin before I had an engagement shoot and a wedding this last weekend.  So, here is where I introduce you to my best friend and her babe (aka my self proclaimed nephew!).  I grabbed Kelcie and Landon the day after I got my camera.  Not only is Kelcie my bestie, but she just an amazing photographer and baby whisper!!! Gosh, she has inspired me and taught me so much on this journey. 

That lovely day we went to Manito Park in Spokane.  And most specifically we went to Gaiser Conservatory for a greenhouse motherhood photoshoot. We wrapped up the day with some delicious vegan ice cream at favorite Spokane Ice Cream shop on the South Hill, The Scoop

My beautiful friend is the best mama I know.  She loves her son so fiercely that when I think about it I well up.  Watching her grow and embrace her motherhood has been an honor and as I watch for the sidelines she has already taught me so much.  How to love her baby and how she puts her marriage ahead of everything has been so inspiring.  I truly pray that I am half the mommy she is when its my turn to join that club!

Gaiser Conservatory photo shoot
Gaiser Conservatory Photos
greenhouse photo shoot
greenhouse photoshoot with mom and baby
photo shoot in a greenhouse
Gaiser Conservatory greenhouse photos
photoshoot in Gaiser Conservatory
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photo taken in Gaiser Conservatory
spokane greenhouse photoshoot
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manito park photos
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Manito Park photoshoot
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spokane family photos
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