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When I photograph a senior session I am flooded with memories of my high school experience.  Memories of classes that I loved and teachers who push me to learn and grow.  Memories of friendships and boyfriends.  Memories of mistakes I made that shaped my decision making process in the future.  Memories of endless possibilities and countless day dreams.  Paths chosen that ended up where I am today.  In a way, I pray we never loose that senior spirit. 

And so in walks Jake.

Jake, so beloved by his mother that when I asked him what's next for him she interrupted with a response I don't hear much from parents of teenagers.  She responded with a "Never leave me."  I was a bit taken by surprise by this response and I realized then how much Jake is loved by his family.  

These moments (especially the photos with mom) I know will be cherished for a lifetime! Happy graduation Jake! You really do have the best stuff ahead of you. 

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