I seriously have an addiction for these flight line homecoming photos! I absolutely love being able to photograph families reunions right off a plane thats been around the world fueling the fight.  

Separated for more than 4 months and little Bjorn would not let his daddy go when he saw him.  I 100% cried as he and the other children ran up to their dads, whom they haven't seen in months!  Spouses who long to have that first kiss in months or even a year wait longingly at the bottom of the stairs.  Anticipating the sight of her man in tan, the widest smile covers her face and she can barely contain her excitement. 

I'm sure you have seen military homecoming videos but being there in person to witness the reuniting of families is the best feeling in the world.  No matter the relationship this is such a long anticipated reunion and deserves to be celebrated with photos!

KC-135 photo
military homecoming
military homecoming
homecoming photo
Air Force Homecoming
Military Homecoming
soldier and son
homecoming photo
Reunited military family
military kids
wife kissing soldier
air force homecoming
military homecoming
Military Homecoming Welcome
Air Force Homecoming Welcome
Military Homecoming photo