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Oh this session was so special for me to photograph!  These are friends from college who are stationed in Spokane with us.  If you don't remember Lauren and Jeremy let me remind you of our Love Story Session we had last January.  

Lauren and Jeremy welcomed their first child, a son, named Grayson into the world on January 2nd! He is a treasure and I love watching our friends become doting parents.  I don't typically do newborn session but this is more of a in-home lifestyle approach so I was on board and eager to get it going!  The weather is obviously not so nice for outdoor newborn sessions so we got all cozy in their home.  I love in-home sessions and am definitely loving playing with the light sources.  

Grayson was a the real MVP.  He slept nearly the entire session (a first for me! Seriously, I always get awake babies... I thought they were suppose to sleep all the time!?!?!) so there are so many photos of his sweet squishy face.  I could barely contain myself from squealing when he pushed his hands out of the swaddle and made the most beautifully perfect pouty lip face!  My heart still melts when I look at that photo.  Lauren and I were saying that he looks like how Jeremy would look as an infant.  Like spitting image... all Jeremy! 

Congratulations our dear friends! Grayson is absolutely perfect! And thank you for allowing me into your lives to capture these precious memories for you, Buyer family!  These are some of my favorite images I have ever taken.  I get get chills seeing photos of women becoming mothers and embracing all the changes that come with it... Lauren you are radiant and I'm just so happy for you and Jeremy. 

A babe in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, a resting place for innocence on earth, a link between angels and men. | Martin Fraquhar Tupper
Spokane Family Photographer
Spokane Family Photographer
Spokane Family Photographer
Spokane Family Photographer
Newborn Lifestyle Session
Spokane Family Photographer
Spokane Family Photographer
Lifestyle Newborn Session
Spokane Family Photographer
In-home Lifestyle Newborn Session
Spokane Newborn Lifestyle Session
In-home Newborn Lifestyle Session

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