spokane family photographer | riverfront park | spokane, wa

I have been wanting to post this mommy and me session since like last July when it took place.  But summer weddings happened and then I was away in Alabama with my man.  So it never happened... until now!! Which I kind of feel terrible posting while most of the country is still sub freezing and covered in snow.  But at least we are on the upswing and the first day of Spring is nearly two weeks away!  We can do it people.  Just have to get through March's lion attitude.  

This sweet mama and her kiddos found me on isntagram and had to make this session happen fast!  Jovanka and Sasha were leaving for Indonesia the next day so Jovanka, Danny, Nate and Sasha came to Riverfront park on a hot July day!! Posting this in winter while its dumping snow really makes me even more excited for summer... anyone else!?!? Sorry about that friends.  

You'll notice little Sasha playing with her mama's phone... you know sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do to get a toddler to warm up to you and cooperate! Am I right!?!?! Of course towards the end of the session she was a camera ham and loved growling at my circle.  Jovanka's sons Danny and Nate were the kindest, most respectful high school boys I have ever met.  Not to mention dotting older brothers.  Their mama raised them right!

Thank you Jovanka, Danny, Nate and Sasha for choosing me to capture your love as a family! I know you will treasure these photos forever.  

Spokane Family Photographer_0169.jpg
Spokane Family Photographer_0170.jpg
Spokane Family Photographer_0171.jpg
Spokane Family Photographer_0172.jpg
Spokane Family Photographer_0173.jpg

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