Well folks I have officially entered a new decade of life!  Hello #thirtyflirtyandthriving!!!

I didn't want to stick around cold, dreary Spokane this year so I decided on a place that was warm with sun, sand, beach and still the USA.  And that place was San Diego!!  

Fun fact: this was the first birthday of mine in 3 years that my husband was home for!!!!

^^gotta love the military for that one^^

Here's a blast from the past, I worked at UCSD in La Jolla for two summers during college as a counselor at a weight loss camp for kiddos.  I loved every minute of it there and really did not want to leave SD when the time came to go back to school. So I used this trip as an opportunity to go back to my old stomping grounds and share my love of that place with Brenton.  Living in a place for 5 months gives you some bearings on whats too touristy and what isn't.  I have never been to the zoo nor do I plan to.  I've been to Sea World way too many times with the kids at camp to ever want to go to another sea lion show... I'm more of an off the beaten path kind of traveler.  

With that said, I planned out exactly what I wanted to do on this birthday trip and it was absolutely perfect. 

We walked the path on the beach in Pacific Beach.

Hiked down to Black's Beach and watched hang gliders.

Watched the sunset while eating In-and-Out Burgers at Sunset Cliffs.

Went to local beach town bookstores.

Ate all the tacos in sight.

Saw the seals lounging at the Children's Pool in La Jolla. 

And laid on the beach reading for an entire day with only a break to get what else but tacos


I asked Brenton as we were leaving what he thought of San Diego and he said he couldn't find anything bad about it! YES! The seed is planted for after retirement.  :) 

Here's the recap of my 30th Birthday celebration to San Diego with my man, eating amazing food and soaking up the sun in the only way I know how... through photos (iPhone & camera)!!

And keep scrolling to get the most important info...

all the food deets!

**All iPhone photos edited with the VSCO app for those who are curious

San Diego Birthday Trip_0017.jpg
San Diego Birthday Trip_0014.jpg
San Diego Birthday Trip_0015.jpg

And here are the photos I took on my camera!!! 

San Diego Birthday Trip_0002.jpg
San Diego Birthday Trip_0003.jpg
San Diego Birthday Trip_0004.jpg

cali looks good on you babe!!

Okay now the moment you have all been waiting for!  

The food...

I actually spent 4 hours last week planning our where we would eat for each meal every day.  I think I could research restaurants and planning restaurants for other people's vacations for my career! All the restaurants we ate at were phenomenal and I would recommend them all to anyone who asks.  As you can see by the photos my meals of choice we either tacos or fish!  Also an ocean view was a must for most meals.  This ocean loving girl must be able to smell the salt, hear the water lapping on the shore while chowing down on perfectly seasoned halibut to make her heart the happiest.

San Diego Food Tour

  • Backyard Kitchen (Pacific Beach)

  • In-and-out Burger at Sunset Cliffs, Point Loma to watch the sunset
  • Brockton Villa (La Jolla) - OpenTable reservations recommended
    • I ate here before with my friend Leslie when I worked as UCSD.  It has the best views on La Jolla Cove and the Coast Toast is AMAZING!!!!!  Highly recommend this place for your next brunch in San Diego.
  • Coasterra (San Diego) - OpenTable reservations recommended
    • This is where my birthday dinner was at.  Price wise it was the most expensive restaurant on our list but I think for a special celebration its worth the food.  The view from here was an incredible unobstructed view of the city at sunset/night!
  • Cafe 1134 (Coronado)
    • Think cute little local cafe that gives off a European feel to it.  We got iced coffees a few mornings and walked downtown Coronado.
  • City Tacos (North Park)
    • Top 5 if not the best authentic taco joint in SD!! This taco aficionado would have to agree!
  • Brigantine Seafood Restaurant (Coronado) - OpenTable reservations recommended
    • Actually a pretty good price point for being across the street from the Hotel Del Coronado... $$ though. 
  • Fig Tree Cafe (Liberty Station) - OpenTable reservations recommended 
    • We had originally planned on going to the Breakfast Republic after attending church at The Rock but the wait was wayyyy too long. So we stumbled upon the Fig Tree Cafe.  Price point was perfect as we were tired of spending more than $30 on a meal.  I will say that its directly underneath the path of the planes taking off from the airport, so every 2-5 minutes there was a loud plane flying overhead.

Have you visited San Diego??? What are your favorite places to eat at so we can hit them up next time!! 

San Diego Birthday Trip_0009.jpg
San Diego Birthday Trip_0011.jpg
San Diego Birthday Trip_0012.jpg

Cheers to your next adventure!!  Make it a yummy one... should we even bother with anything less??