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First of all, I want to say how completely overwhelmed we are! Your love and congratulations about Baby Batz was more than we could have a dreamed of.  Thank you so much! You're awesome and we can't wait to share more about our parenthood journey with you. :) 

Want to know how I spent my last spring in Spokane? Cramming in photographing the best families and assisting photog friends at weddings! 

We are currently in Oklahoma where my guy is learning to fly his new plane and we'll be heading up to good old New Jersey in November!  I'll be uber pregnant by then (32 weeks) and I'm sure so ready for the colder weather. It's kissing 100 today, okay to be honest this is just about every day since we got here but I'm actually enjoying myself in the AC and sneaking in an hour or two at the base pool.  

Onto this fabulously cute family session with a favorite reoccurring client of mine, the ever wonderful Ornelas Family. I met Michel when Kason was in her belly 4 year ago.  Her husband, Dave, and my fly boy worked together and honestly I have photographed this family about 4 times! And each session we have kept getting better and better.

The lighting was absolutely perfect for this late spring photo shoot.  Not too high and not too late in the day so the youngsters were still loving life... actually they got fro-yo after the session so I would have been on my best behavior too!  Taking that parenting tip and sticking it in my back pocket for a few years down the road... I think bribing kiddos with healthy sweet treats is perfectly fine. No judgement here, we all know you do it! 

Enjoy this peek into our fun family session in the Finch Arboretum in beautiful Spokane, WA! It has been a pleasure to photograph you over the years Dave, Michel, Kyleigh, and Kason.  Can't wait to see each other again. <3

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