With so much joy and even more gratitude join us in celebrating...


Pregnancy Announcement

This is officially my favorite post ever... After 3 years of trying for Baby Batz (affectionately named BB for short) and never once getting a positive pregnancy test we are so thrilled that it finally happened!


I can't believe that I finally get to share that.  It's all I've wanted to do since I started blogging in 2012! It's bringing tears to my eyes.  This has been quite the journey to get here and we are still in shock honestly (even though I purchased maternity shorts last week because the hair tie wasn't cutting it anymore).  It all feels like a dream.  Even with hearing BB's heartbeat, seeing BB's first picture and all the blood work. Gahhh!!

We are so incredibly over joyed for this little miracle.  The Lord definitely shocked us in the best way possible when I took that pregnancy test.  I'll be sharing the entire story in another post soon but this little nugget has been covered in so much prayer for years that I'm so glad the Lord opened my womb when He did to home this angel for as long as He sees fit.  But for today, we celebrate & give so much thanks & pray for those who are waiting eagerly. If that’s you, know I’m here for you and understand what you are going through.  Don't ever give up hope even when all hope seems lost.  If you have, I'll hope and have faith for you.

Ultrasound Pregnancy Announcement
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  1. I am diligently checking my growing bump to make sure there's actually a babe in there and not just ice cream and the 3 extra meals I eat a day!
  2. I'm back to eating mostly paleo meals again except for the occasional Mac and cheese and feeling amazing and energized from eating healthy again.
  3. I have my first midwife appointment August 8th in northwest Texas (worth the hour and a half drive for the care I want).  Fun Fact... I'll have seen 4 providers by the time we meet our sweet little BB.
14 week bump update


  1. How far along are you?!– 15 weeks TODAY! Friday, July 27th!  AND I'M PRETTY SURE I FELT THE FIRST OF MANY TO COME BABY FLUTTERS THIS MORNING! They felt much different than my pulse and more like popcorn. 
  2. So, you’re due when?– January 18th is the assumed due date but I'm not holding that date tight... anytime in January works for us!  My sister's birthday in January 29th sooo maybe she'll have a birthday buddy.
  3. How are you feeling?– Hmmm... Honestly not too terrible!  This little nugget has been so kind to me.  From weeks 6-11 I was EXHAUSTED and needed a 2 hour nap everyday even when I did next to nothing.  I couldn't keep my eyes open to save my life.  If you couldn't tell I wasn't around much on social media, I basically did the necessary for my business like answer emails and edit/deliver photos and then just slept. When the day came I realized I didn't need a nap I signed right back up for a spin class!!  I still have days where all I want to do is nap (today is one of them) so I'm still abusing my current "no kiddo to care = free to nap whenever" status! 
    I never really felt sick, maybe a few days of intense nausea but it only lasted an hour. The nausea usually came if I was really hungry or too full and after a nap.  But sadly I did have a lot of food aversions.  Which is so sad for a foodie like me.   The smell of any coffee was overwhelming and the idea of drinking it made me feel sick. I wanted nothing to do with anything chicken or salad.  Meals were always a last minute decision.  Some days nothing sounded good to eat but I knew I had to eat or else I would get nauseas, in came eating for survival instead of pleasure.  Fortunately week 12 came and I started to actually stomach salads with chicken again but still no decaf coffee (hopefully soon).  
  4. Speaking of food, have you had any weird cravings?– The first weird craving I had was a carrot at 6 weeks...  And I've eaten more pickles in the last 15 weeks than I have in my entire life.  From weeks 8-9 I craved carbs hard... pasta, pizza bagels, so I guess it was a good thing we were in New York.  Cheese is a big one and sweets mostly in the form of stone fruit but I would love a donut on the daily! I ate about 10 peaches in 4 days around week 11.  Actually who am I even kidding, this craving is still going strong.  I'm glad that I'm pregnant in the summer with all the fresh fruit available.
  5. Surprising Pregnancy Symptoms?- I'm already having some round ligament pain.  One night at 13 weeks it was excruciating that I couldn't walk and Brenton had to help me around.  Also I was diagnosed with a rowdy bladder infection at 10 weeks which was very uncomfortable.  
    Also things they don't tell you about that could happen in pregnancy... the worse gas pains ever! I've had about four episodes of incredible gas pain where I had to lay down and breath it out <--- getting me ready for labor. AND the tender belly button that I can't even touch some days. All normal I guess ::shrugging shoulders::
  6. Best Part of First Trimester?- Definitely hearing the heartbeat at a strong 144bmp at 7 weeks, 179bpm at 9 weeks and 164bmp at 13 weeks! It's the best music in the world.  Also, telling the people we love in person was just the best.  Seeing our friend's and family's joyful and usually tearful reaction meant the world to us. I wish I could have seen your face to this joyous announcement!!
  7. Worst part of First Trimester?- The fatigue was killer.  I didn't get to the gym once from weeks 6-10 and so missed 4 weeks my beloved spin classes.  Also packed on about 3lbs because I didn't make it to the gym during those carb loading weeks.
  8. Are you finding out if it’s a boy or girl?– Hard no here! We are waiting until the birth to find out.  Although I'm pretty certain Brenton wants to find out but I have had my heart set on not finding out early since I can remember.  I'm not even thinking too hard about the old wives tales... As long as BB is good in there I'm excited for the biggest surprise of our life!
  9. When do you move?– We just got to Oklahoma a few days ago after a really great road trip visiting family and friends.  We will officially be settled in New Jersey the beginning of December.  We are excited to have family and old friends so close because it takes a village.  Amiright!?!?!
  10. Do you think Sadie knows?– Sometimes I think she does because she's been a bit clingy but I think more realistically the packing up the house and moving is more responsible.  So I don't think so... not yet.  But she's getting all the extra lovings now while she's still the "only child."

More than anything, we’re SO beyond thrilled & full of gratitude for this blessing! We can’t wait for the exciting season ahead and wild ride to come! Thank you all for your amazing support & encouragement during this time – BB is already so, so loved! And we officially welcome all the tips for raising the sweetest of babes who love Jesus and others!


If you want to follow along on our journey to parenting BB daily please head over to my personal Instagram... @herheartandtable !!!  And more personal posts and updates on herheartandtable.com !!!

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