New Jersey Family Photographer | Sayen Gardens Photography

A few weeks ago I climbed back on the photography horse after Elijah was born. It felt so amazing to get back behind the camera for Caleb’s one year old celebration session. We were connected through a mutual friend, Lauren, when we moved to central New Jersey. Melissa and her family have been huge in us relocating smoothly.

Caleb was such a great model during the session. He has the silliest little grin and when given crackers he had the cutest face! And of course babies on grass is just about the funniest thing you’ve ever seen, poor babes. You’ll also see some photos of Melissa and Justin sprinkled in the post. I always make sure to offer mom and dad some photos of just the two of them. Usually their last professional photos of just the two of them were at their wedding! So always say yes to snuggly photos with your honey while your babe in running circles around you.

For the sake of sounding too cliche, now that I have a babe I realize how precious each moment truly is. It seriously goes by so face! Moments happen like first teeth (currently going through this), I’m so grateful to the Hunter family for asking me to capture their one year old Caleb in this moment. Thank you so much Caleb, Melissa and Justin!

New Jersey Family Photographer_0015.jpg
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