Aiden Turns One!

New Jersey Photographer | Family Photography | One Year Session

As a military family we have the privilege of visiting (if not living in) places we had no idea even existed. And in those places we get to meet people who we had no idea existed but sure are glad do! The McBrides are one of those people. Its very rare you hear of families living at the same base multiple assignments in a row, unless you are a KC135 or C17 pilot. Then all roads lead to Altus AFB, Oklahoma. And that is where we were reunited with the McBrides. They were stationed there while Brenton was at training for the C17. It was such a different and more enjoyable experience this time in Altus because we knew so many people stationed there!

Tim and Vicki (aka dada and mama) asked me to capture photos of their sweet son Aiden in celebration of his 1st Birthday! Tim and Vicki had a very similar journey to growing their family that we did. They experienced much heartache and waited a long time for Aiden. Having a baby now after the long wait, I know even more the value of having photos taken…. the moments you’ve waited for go by so freaking fast! Aiden has spent one whole year in Tim and Vicki’s arms and I pray they have many more hugs, kisses, shoulder rides, laughs and smiles togethers. Thank you so much for allowing me to capture this moment in your lives!

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