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To be completely honest newborn photography wasn’t really my thing… I never advertised I did it. I felt uneasy, nervous and frankly scared around newborns and new moms. I felt like I was invited into this sacred space where I didn’t quite belong. In the waiting it was hard to be around something I wanted so desperately. I know my newborn clients had no intention of making me feel uncomfortable and I hope I never gave off the vibe that I was because it was truly a joy to capture their first moments as a new family together. And I did love getting a fix of that sweet newborn smell! But that was the old Melissa….

When a fellow Air Force family contacted me about capturing their first moments as a new family of three I did not have those same feelings! I realized that after experiencing my own newborn there was absolutely NOTHING to be nervous about… they aren’t as unpredictable (or fragile) as I use to think! I jumped on the chance to photograph this very short moment in time for them.

When I got the message that Hannah was in labor I couldn’t wait to hear the news, ask how mom was and schedule the shoot. Now my very first thought isn’t “Awwwww, free baby smells!!!!!”, now it’s “Gotta find out how mom is doing!” Postpartum recovery is NO JOKE people! I feel like I was extremely insensitive to my moms previous because I just didn’t know! So if you are a newborn photographer ask how mom is, move slow during the session and bring them a meal when you show up.

I had a blast during Eli’s newborn session!

  1. It felt amazing to get behind the camera again with clients in front.

  2. Hannah and Joel were game for anything and hosted me in their home for nearly two hours because I just couldn’t stop myself!

I am so grateful to the Woods for asking me to capture this once in a lifetime memory. Enjoy all the newborn snuggles even though you may feel like you’re going to pass out in your coffee…. oh and don’t forget to brush your teeth!!!!

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