photo by Kelcie Crockett Photography

photo by Kelcie Crockett Photography



Wow! Am I ever glad you are here. I would give you a huge hug right now if we were face to face! Hope you're okay with that.

I'm an Air Force wife, a daughter, a puppy mom, a friend, a lover of pop culture, adventure and tacos, and a follower of Jesus.  

That handsome guy saluting next to me above is my husband, Brenton.  He usually accompanies me to weddings as my second shooter/assistant when he is home!  When he's not home he's off saving the world as an Air Force pilot. I love that he gets to stand next to me during weddings... he really is my biggest fan!

When we were living in Oklahoma for six months I was gifted my first DSLR camera.  I took photos of everything I could and learned as much as I could about shooting in manual!  I always loved taking photos with my point and shoot digital but this was something different.  There was this gravitational pull towards that one thing that I creatively immersed myself in.  I was filled with creative energy and it continues to grow.  I took one photo, then another and then thousands.  Before I knew it I had friends and family asking me to capture their family's sweet memories.

And then I realized that life was way too short to do anything other than what you love.  We are created by the ultimate Creative, God who give us pleasures to pursue and dreams to accomplish for His glory.  Well friends, this is my dream... 

The adventure continues daily - whether its working through the ups and downs of a new move, navigating through a deployment or capturing a sweet couple on the most intimate day of their lives - I wouldn't have it any other way.  And this is where it comes back you my friend.  Let's chat a bit more! 

Some of my favorite things:



My Sadie girl




photo by Kelcie Crockett Photography

photo by Kelcie Crockett Photography