Full Coverage Wedding Begin at $2,100

            Full Coverage Wedding Begin at $2,100

              Elopements Begin at $1,100

             Elopements Begin at $1,100

               Portrait Collections Begin at $200

              Portrait Collections Begin at $200

The Wedding Experience

I believe that planning your wedding should be a fun and enjoyable memory.  While I cannot help you with every aspect it is my goal to make sure that your photographic experience it the best one yet!  It truly means the world to me that you would choose me to capture the day that will change the course of your entire life. 


Wedding photography is a lot of things but primarily it is an investment.  After the dress is hung, the cake is eaten and the flowers have dried you are left with your images and the sweet memories.   You want to be certain that your first moments as husband and wife will never be forgotten...  the night that changed your life forever.  This is the one choice on your day that the endures.  This is your love story, don't make any compromises with your memories.  

When there comes a time in your marriage that is hard you will be able to have a tangible gift to look at.  You will be able to see your friends and family cheering you on, witnessing the beautiful everlasting promise you made to one another years ago.  These photos take you back to the moments where your Grandma danced with her husband one more time.  To the countless hugs you gave and received throughout the day.  The tears you and your parents shed when you presented them with an unexpected gift.  They take you back to the whispers of "I love you" at the alter.  It is the day you started as your very own family.  Now that is something to be cherished forever. 


One way I make sure my brides & grooms have the best experience as possible with me it to grow in relationship to them.  I think about them so often and reach out to them frequently.  I try to make sure that we are a good fit together before they even book me.  Don't be surprised if I invite you out to eat dinner or request a FaceTime coffee date before booking and end up chatting for a couple hours.  I want to get to know you too!  A bride & groom should trust and have fun with their photographer.  This is very important because this is the person you will be spending the most time with on your wedding day.  I will be with you every step of the day and leading up to your special day.  After booking, I love to get to know my clients through a complimentary engagement session.  This helps you warm up to the camera and create some laughs between us that I'll inevitably bring up on your big day!



You believe in planning a marriage more beautiful than a wedding.

You can't wait to hit the dance floor!

You think your groom it the hottest man on the planet.

You're going to steal some moments alone with your new honey.

You are going to take 10 minutes to enjoy the food you tasted and salivated over months ago.

You believe that real > perfect, and that "perfect" is a unicorn.



Digital Files

For each hour of shooting I include 50 images in an online gallery for you to choose your favorite 20 to download.  I conveniently deliver the online gallery straight to your email with password and instructions included.  You will have the ability to print, share and download the images.  


If chosen in your package you may order prints directly through the online gallery where the digital images were delivered.  I currently use WHCC for my printing.


This is a complimentary 2-hour session when you book your wedding with me!  I am more than happy to travel for a session.  It is so special when a couple invites me into a space so special to them.  The complimentary session includes 60 miles of travel as well.


8 hours is plenty of time to capture every moment to the detail!  The goal right now is securing and saving your date!  You can always add additional coverage as we get closer to your date and you have a better idea of a timeline. 

Elopements/Intimate Wedding

Is there only going to be the two of you exchanging vows surrounded by a few very important family members and friends?  I have an option for you too! Send me a message!


Yes! I do travel for weddings! Destination weddings make for some great memories and parties! 

Shooting Style

I like to be both direct and discrete during the wedding day.  There will be times during the day where you and your guests will need my direction (i.e. family posing, couple posing) and there will be times when you want me to be a fly on the wall with a camera (i.e. ceremony, first dance, toast).  I will teach my couples how to pose, model and interact during their engagement session that when we get to game day they will be pros! 


Once we have met in person or on Skype/FaceTime and have answered all your questions you may have and you have decided that a Melissa Batzer Wedding Experience is exactly what you're looking for, the next step is a booking proposal!   I will email it over to you when it is customized to your wedding.  Once you have looked it over you will sign it and send it back with the deposit for your date.