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Oh goodness… don’t look at the date of my last session shared. It’s embarrassing! So many memories were captured in 2018 and I’m just getting to share them now. I was in a really weird season with the move from Spokane to Oklahoma to New Jersey PLUS being pregnant with our little man. I was so sad to leave my community of friends and creatives behind to enter into the in between limbo of a PCS that I fell into a huge business funk. But my couples and families don’t deserve that! Their stories need to be shared.

And so let me introduce you to Hannah and Leonard, college sweethearts that are getting married (they are married by now though!).

These two cool cats stumbled upon me on Instagram (shout out to my fave platform EVER!) proving that hashtags and geotags really do work friends. Hannah grew up in Idaho, Leonard in Virginia and now live in the Seattle area doing great big adult things. They were home visiting relatives for a weekend in May and scheduled their engagement session for then.

May is always hit or miss in the inland Northwest so I was elated when the weather for the entire weekend was forecasted to be gorgeous. We met (dragging my husband with me, I call them date days) in a small rural town where everyone knows everyone and there are bullet holes in the stop signs.

Speaking of bullets, our first stop to take photos was a beautiful field that was was across the street from a home. We got out of our cars to start the session and no more than one minute later we heard 2 gun shots and took them as warning to get off the property. So we promptly got in our cars and found another field. However, little does the renter in that house know that Hannah’s family owned that piece of property. Jokes on that guy!

Aside from the bullets we had a fantastic time! Meeting Hannah and Leonard was a joy. You can tell from these photos that they have just the best time with each other and are game to try anything I asked them to. We played some music and made them dance monkey dance! And no engagement session is complete without a good old fashion high five.

Thank you Hannah and Leonard for such a fun and memorable evening capturing your engagement session. You’re wedding is coming up on the blog soon! Promise! :D

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