Remember the Family session with the goats I posted a few days ago?  I mentioned that there was a recent engagement in the family and had a separate post I planned on sharing?  Well here it is! 

Now living in Los Angeles, Taylor and John met in college while they were attending James Madison University in Virginia.  They were so surprised when I knew where that little private university was, especially because we are on the other side of the continent from it.  But I am from New York and had a couple friends from High School graduate from JMU.  They both studied theater and the performing arts while in school.  And you can just tell these two have so much fun together! 

Can we just talk about Taylor's engagement ring for a second?  It has a perfect vintage style with a deeply embedded diamond in the center.  The details around the stone deserve highlighting too.  But the diamond holds a very special legacy.  This diamond belonged to John's Grandmother and has been waiting for this moment to be on the hand of John's future wife.  Well done John! They ring is stunning and perfect for your bride.

Joy radiated from them as they spoke about the excitement of marriage and a life together.

I love to ask my new couples questions during their session to get them comfortable and focused on each other.  My goal is to make it feel like the only reason I am there is to only to give encouragement that they are doing great and they look fabulous!  Here are some of my favorite questions to ask...

  • What makes you most excited about marrying your spouse?
  • Tell me about the proposal.
  • What's your favorite memory together? 
  • Tell your future spouse how they make you feel most loved.

These questions are gold!  They create an atmosphere of love and produce genuine smiles. It also allows me to get a quick glimpse into their relationship.  Getting to know the hows and whys of what makes their relationship unique is my favorite part of the job.  Being able to share their story of love not only through images but also using words straight from their heart.  

Taylor & John,

It was a pleasure to meet you and capture your sweet and silly love. "La dolce vita" means "The Sweet Life" in Italian and thats what I pray for you! For your life to be sweet and full of goodness.  If one thing I am sure of from our session together, you will surely have a fun life together!!! 

Blessings, Melissa

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