The day I decided I wanted to learn more about wedding photography so I could excel at it was around the same time I listened to an episode of the Rising Tide Society podcast called The Coffee Commute.  Founder's Davey Jones and Natalie Franke were discussing about how creatives can learn and grow outside their normal comfort zones and one way was to seek out someone in the industry you wish to be a part of.  A mentor of sorts. Learning from people who are farther ahead of me in life's walk is a value of mine.  That's why you will find that most of my best friends are moms already.  I love learning from people walking in front of me.   I learn by observing and being in the trenches with them.  This is why I sought out a local wedding photographer to sit down and chat with.  

I spent one day searching for photographers whose styles I liked and had a similar style to mine, a bright and airy feel to their images.  There are so many photographers in the area that it was difficult to narrow it down! I emailed five photographers to see if they would be willing to meet so I could learn more about wedding photography and if they were in need of a second photographer even if just for a few weddings.

 I heard back from a photographer willing to meet and chat about both!  

Amber Tyler Photography was so gracious to meet with me to talk about life as a wedding photographer and the flow of the typical wedding day.  She was so glad I contacted her because she wishes someone was willing to meet in the beginning of her journey years ago.  We talked about our passion for photography and discussed our "why."  She then invited me to join her to as a second photographer for two weddings this past fall!  I was overjoyed that I was finally going to be able to get a hands on experience with weddings.  I knew I would love it and was captivated with the wedding process after the first shutter click.  The excitable cadence of the day with shot lists and the ability to be creative with them had me hooked! 

The wedding of Jacob and Karissa was held at the Chateau Rive in the Flour Mill.  Its a beautiful old flour mill, located just above the Spokane River Falls, from the late 1800's converted into offices, restaurants and an event venue.  I'd like to tell you a fun fact about myself, I am a SUCKER for exposed brick!  And this venue was covered in it!  So I was a happy camper.  I would have spent all day capturing the beauty of the day with the building behind it.  

Now to the really important details.  The beautiful fall bouquets and greenery garlands were from Dragon Flower Design.  The delicious wedding cake and cupcakes were made by Stacie's Cakes.  There was even a gluten free chocolate option available and I was all over that!  The superb Italian catering was done by Red Rock Catering & Events.  Complete Wedding & Events' DJ was excellent and let me tell you he could tear it up on that dance floor!  He was also so courteous to us photographers making sure our timing was lining up with his.  I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a DJ in the area.  The bride is an owner of the Luxe Beauty & Brow Bar.   Her make up and hair was done beautifully and simply done by herself! Isn't she a rock star?!?

I have to parties to thank in this post...

Karissa & Jacob, Thank you so much for letting me tag along with Amber and photograph your beautiful union! 

Amber, I cannot thank you enough for bringing me along with you to two of your weddings.  For letting me stand next to you while we photographed couples twirling and surrounded by the people who truly love them.  You answered so many questions I had and you let me into a huge part of your life.  I am forever grateful for the opportunity you gave me to shadow you.  It is a time I will never forget! I hope to some day be able to pay it forward to another aspiring photographer like you did for me.  Thanks girl!  Love, Melissa

Without further ado, here are the photos that I took of Jacob and Karissa's big day of joining their families together.  

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