I really do love the first day of the month.   The changing of the calendar on the wall and in my planner. A new schedule for this here blog and for my business!  Filling out the new months birthdays and social calendars.  Working on my new Powersheets page full of monthly goals!  Its the best to start feeling fresh and prepared!

On my previous blogs (that are lost in the abyss of the internet), I have shared yearly goals along with a word to focus on each year.   This year the Lord has given me the word "SLOW" as a theme for my life.  Not hustling to the point of feeling anxious about something.  That line is a very fine one friends.  My Powersheets actually have helped me out on this one, when I use them.  They allow you to make lofty yearly goals and then helps you break them down into achievable, bite-size monthly goals.  Also having a "brain dump" google doc full of all my crazy ideas is the best thing!  That google doc is there when ever I have an idea that I just need to get down and then my mind is totally free to tackle the task at hand.  

sleeping puppy


  • Mail Sole Hope Party shoes 
  • Make a Home Maintenance system
  • Fill out & file background check info for self & B
  • Purchase one ethically made fashion item (might be underwear!) 
  • Market Mommy & Me Mini-session
  • Plan vacation time for summer
  • Love on Brenton before he deploys
  • Finish the home purge!
  • Plan 2017 garden/start indoor seedlings


  • Read one book
  • Make one thing from the freezer (it's over flowing!)
  • Blog three times
  • Plan Instagram posts each Sunday for the week using Planoly 


  • Jesus Party
  • Give thanks
  • Exercise
  • Love Brenton well
  • Follow my business plan
  • Self-care/Hobby
  • Turn off work by 5pm